Founder + Creator

Hi. My name is Debi. The most rewarding part of creating skincare is seeing people test our products at local markets and their surprised reactions to how effective they are. They are struck as they get to experience, some for the first time, what products that are made of 100% moisturizing ingredients feel like. I, too, was amazed when I discovered that a few simple ingredients could outperform the chemically-laden products typically found on store shelves.

This realization prompted me to question the use of questionable chemicals in skincare, which I believe is driven by mass production and longevity. However, mounting evidence suggests that these ingredients are detrimental to our health and well-being. My exploration with natural skincare led me to develop KOKO Body Care - a line of products free of synthetic additives.

My dream is that through KOKO we will promote a participatory skincare culture where consumers are educated about the ingredients they use and can make informed choices. We are also in the process of creating a fully transparent supply chain so as to be able to trace our ingredients to ethical and sustainable sources.